#BengalPolitics: Mukul Roy’s Ghar-Whapsi

Two days back, it was the turn of Congress’ supporters to abuse Jitin Prasada. Today its BJP’s supporters day to hurl at Mukul Roy who’s doing his ‘home-coming’ to All India Trinamool Congress.

Mukul Roy’s re-entry into TMC Head-Quarters

Is this a jolt to BJP in Bengal? Yes! a Big one. But this was entirely the making of BJP, who had catapulted recent ‘TMC turncoat’ Suvendu Adhikari as its ‘prima-facie’ in the state. Reason — He could openly do harsh personal attacks against Mamata Banerjee, which Mukul Roy restrained from doing. He always made it as a TMC vs BJP fight, and that’s not what BJP looks for in its prime leader.

Suvendhu Adhikari

But #BJP wasn’t foolish like Rahul Gandhi, in under-estimating the value of Mukul Roy. Prime Minister #Modi directly dialled Roy after Mamata’s nephew had met him. Every last minute effort was done to retain Roy. But the meetings of Modi-Shah with Suvendhu Adhikari (who was an adversary of Roy even in TMC) yesterday and the prominence given to him, made Mukul Roy to smartly realise that his green-pastures in BJP are over.

It’ll be interesting to see the repercussions of Mukul Roy’s exit, both in Bengal and Tripura. As Roy’s role was very instrumental in shifting the erstwhile TMC unit of #Tripura into BJP’s fold, and that was one among the key reasons for BJP’s ascent to power in Tripura during the 2018 assembly elections.

Though there won’t be any large-scale damage for BJP in the immediate future, still Mukul Roy is an old-fox who keeps all lines open and moves fast when the time is ripe. His re-entry into #TMC is definitely a shot-in-the-arm for Mamata Banerjee, whose position-of-strength will now shift far higher, both at her state and national level.

Mukul Roy with Mamata Banerjee

P.S: Both Mukul Roy and Suvendhu Adhikari were prime-accused in Saradha Chit Fund Scam. While Roy’s status has got shifted from ‘accused’ to ‘prosecution witness’, expect Suvendhu’s charges to be totally diluted on similar lines.

Though social-media is buzz with speculations that CBI will knock doors of Roy again, practically that’s unlikely. As that’ll add only egg to the ‘political image’ of BJP, which the party can’t afford right now.

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